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To patreon or not to patreon…..

So, Patreon is great. It lets people donate to the creators they love most and really help those creators keep, well, creating. The downside though, is that it isn’t really all that user friendly for the way I want to use it.

See, I want to be able to offer the great people that support through patreon discounts on their orders. Currently, there’s no good way to link your patronage with your account. Currently I have to do that manually. Now, it’s hard enough to keep track of what I already have to keep track of and things that aren’t easy to manage tend to get forgotten.

Enter WordPress.

Most of you probably don’t know, but, runs on top of WordPress using software called WooCommerce. These two together allow for basically a roll-your-own Patreon.

I’ve discovered recently exactly how to implement this capability and I’m here for feedback.

So how’s this help? Well, a few ways.

It will allow me to much more simply implement the discount per tier functionality that’s so difficult/time-consuming to do with the current Patreon system. (Many of you have already inquired about the “Membership” banner seen on product pages and that’s exactly what this is.) It’s also just as easy, if not more so, to share content in many of the same ways as Patreon. Plus, since there’s no Patreon middle-man, it means that more of your gracious donations go where you intend them to.

So what do you think? Make the switch, or stick with Patreon? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

19 thoughts on “To patreon or not to patreon…..

  1. I think it’s a great way to give back to those who love what you do and stand by your products.

    1. Thanks man. So roll my own or stick with patreon?

      1. It doesn’t matter what you use …… We will follow!!
        If it works better for you and allows you spend more time doing stuff like setting up machinery of building jigs and fixtures or….. …….
        Do it!! You’ve got a lot more important things to focus on!!

  2. I’d would do your own thing if I were you Scott. More of our $ would go to you. That’s a win for you and us.

    1. Thanks for weighing in man! Really appreciate the feedback!

  3. Scott I would say what ever is easiest for you I stand behind it.

    1. Thanks Ray. Doing it through the site here will most definitely be easier!

  4. I say roll on your own, It is how you have done things so far and I would have to say it has worked thus far.

    1. You make a valid point! Thanks man!!

  5. Well, since the Patreon didn’t go as I’m sure all of us planed, I’d say switch that shit to what’s more convenient for you. I especially think this new Patreon that makes everything easier on you would be more beneficial to switch too considering you will most likely have quite a few more members since The Shop will be rocking and rolling soon! I will follow and participate in either you choose but get ahead of the flood gate opening of people realizing Scottua has the best products and want to participate in its growth. My two cents.

    1. Yeah, the whole Patreon thing was sorta rushed. I wasn’t ready for the influx and hadn’t figured out a good flow to getting content up there. And you’re right, now that the shop is under way, I should have lots more content to share. Thanks for the support brother!

  6. Roll your own. To put it frankly f**k a middle man 🤣 but on a real note it sounds like it would be simpler for you and more beneficial for us, I say do your own thing man. Just my 2¢

    1. Thanks man! The deeper I get into the functionality of this site’s software the more I think it will help us all to do it here.

  7. Imo patreon is a headache to navigate and really slow but I also didn’t realize you had one so I’ll follow you and whatever you decide.

    1. Yes! It takes me a lot longer than it should just to see what I have set up for tiers over there. The content management system is pretty good though but I have the same control here. Thanks for the support Keegan!!

  8. Absolutely roll on your own. I bet the number of members will increase a lot!!! This is the only entity that is Not run by you. People gravitate to Scottua, always have & always will.

    1. Thanks Julie! I think I am. Seems like it’ll be a lot easier and less time consuming to manage.

      1. I’m behind you 100%, I’m not a fan of Patreon, even though I am a member I don’t care for their site. Looking forward to your new one. Congrats!!!

  9. I’ll back u all the way I love the V4 which is my first scottua product and wont be my last… when everything is ready to go a link and I’ll sign up asap…. keep up.the great work

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